New York’s Jeffrey Benjamin Is The Consumers’ Rights Attorney To Trust During A Trial

A verbal agreement sometimes isn’t enough to get the job done. In that case, written contracts serve as a commitment and — when viewed through the eyes of the law — is a binding one where both parties must uphold their end of the bargain. This is the point of view of New York-based attorney Jeffrey Benjamin, who specializes in consumers’ and businesses rights. His years of experience in the court room as a trial-tested attorney who has argued on behalf of clients in numerous jury and judge trials over two decades. Mr. Benjamin, has tried a variety of consumers’ rights and business litigation cases in court. They include breach of contract claims, deceptive practice cases, fraud, federal law violations, predatory lending, identity theft and alleged violations of state consumer fraud and warranty claims.

What do those who retain New York lawyer Jeffrey Benjamin stand to when in a legal bind? Plenty, especially when you consider his past successes in the court room. For example, a landmark fraud case ended in June 2010 with a favorable jury verdict and a $200,000 verdict. Just one month before that, he achieved a successful verdict in a May 2010 case between two construction contractors. Mr. Benjamin, works by the motto in his law practice: “Don’t be a victim. Fight fraud, and pursue your legal rights.”

If you’ve been named in a lawsuit or think that you have a solid legal case against someone, trusting a skilled trial attorney is one of the wisest decisions you can make.  That’s because aggressive lawyers will argue to a jury or judge that your claims should win. And With a strong group of legal experts beside him, Mr. Benjamin’s partnerships mean you’ll have additional resources on your side which is critical when you’re going up against the larger corporations with seemingly endless resources.

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Breach Of Contract Lawsuit Involving Property Sale Rings True To N.Y. Attorney

A breach of contract case out of Petal, Mississippi involving business owners who claimed that the city improperly sold their property rights out from under them is familiar territory for attorney Jeffrey Benjamin. He has decades of experience representing clients in various breach of contract cases. Indeed, the lion’s share of his cases involve some kind of breach of contract issue.

According to the Hattiesburg American newspaper, the couple is suing The City of Petal’s mayor after the property they had renewed a lease on just two months earlier was suddenly sold by the city to someone else. According to the June 2017 article, the couple were operating businesses out of the city-owned property following an initial lease agreement around June 2016. However, the report adds that the initial agreement began in May 2016 and the city had the option to terminate the lease “upon any grounds that it finds to be appropriate, by giving Complete Automotive 180 days written notice of its intent to cancel the lease.” Such notice was given after the supposed sale to the third party, the report adds.

Through numerous successful verdicts rendered after jury and judge trials, attorney Jeffrey Benjamin has shown his skills in cases involving business and commercial litigation, fraud and breach of contract claims. In a similar vein to the Petal, Mississippi lawsuit, Mr. Benjamin secured a $200,000 verdict in a landmark real estate fraud case. During the course of the trial, he was able to expose the defendant as being responsible for fraudulent inducement and a concealment scheme while breaching his fiduciary duties. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that some people try to get away with secret profit or overt misrepresentation. Oftentimes, a consumer or small business trusts the bad guy and then gets victimized. It’s people like Mr. Benjamin who hold them accountable in a court of law.

Consumers and small businesses in the New York City and Long Island areas who feel that they’ve also been the victim of possible breaches of contact are encouraged to contact lawyer Jeffrey Benjamin. Members of the public who wish to file a lawsuit or defend themselves against claims of wrong-doing would do well to consult Mr. Benjamin — an aggressive lawyer with a no-fear mentality in litigation — and learn  their options. Mr. Benjamin enters the courthouse with decades of experience and tireless advocacy, buttressed by a strong will to help people fight fraud and defend their legal rights.

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