Jeffrey Benjamin Attorney

When looking to hire a lawyer, it’s best to find an experienced one who is well-versed in the field you’re retaining his or her services for. That’s because filing a lawsuit or defending yourself in court is an extremely serious matter and your very livelihood depends on the professionalism, training and expertise of your attorney. That’s also why attorney Jeffrey Benjamin should be the first person you call when searching for someone who can carry out breach of contract and deceptive practice cases in the consumer rights sector, for example. Residents of New York City’s five boroughs and those who resident in Long Island, New York, can rest assured that their cases will be handled with the utmost skill, energy and experience after contacting Benjamin.

Given that Jeffrey Benjamin attorney’s motto is, “Don’t be a victim. Fight fraud, pursue your legal rights,” prospective clients have much to gain by trusting his tried-and-true approach to getting results in a court of law. Just some evidence of his success in court includes the June 2010 $200,000 unprecedented verdict of a landmark fraud case and a successful verdict in a May 2010 case between two construction contractors. These favorable outcomes, among many others, demonstrate the concerns that he has for his clients. Therefore, those asking themselves how they can sue someone or defend themselves against someone else’s lawsuit will benefit greatly from Jeffrey Benjamin’s proven experience, but that’s just one reason to trust him with your legal obligations. His reputation as an aggressive lawyer with a no-fear mentality in litigation – often pitted against lawyers with endless resources – means your case will be in caring hands. The court of law can be an overwhelming place; finding the right attorney to guide you through it should always be a top priority.

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